Aberdeen sikh sangat journey so far

Our journey began as a group of students who came to study in the two prestigious universities in Aberdeen and settled in the “Granite City”. With the support of few key Sikh people who had made Aberdeen their hometown in early 1980s, these students started getting together for prayers and keertan (hymn singing) in their small rented apartments. As these students got married, the families increased and the tradition of Annual programs started. The warmth and affection seen during these programs encouraged the people involved to establish the Charity with one of it’s aim being to open the Aberdeen Gurudwara.!

We have been on this journey for 10 years now and finally have been blessed with a location that can be the center for the community to engage, worship and help the wider community based on the principles of Sikhism. Come and join us, visit us or call us if you want to know more.

Hours of Operation

Monday 6AM to 9AM 6PM to 8PM
Tuesday 6AM to 9AM 6PM to 8PM
Wednesday 6AM to 9AM 6PM to 8PM
Thursday 6AM to 9AM 6PM to 8PM
Friday 6AM to 9AM 6PM to 8PM
Saturday 6AM to 9AM 6PM to 8PM
Sunday 10:30AM to 2PM

Upcoming Events